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About us

We are a travel club specialised in luxury driving tours for sport cars enthusiasts, who share a passion for travel, sports and driving experiences. We are open to everybody who likes to join any of our tours, driving programs or other related events.

Our bespoke driving tours aim to offer you a journey full of excitement, joy and adrenaline that will take your breath away. Where you have control of the car and we lead the way of your adventure.

We have teamed up with different sports event organisers, so not only you will enjoy a road trip experience driving alongside other participants in a convoy style, but you will also have the great opportunity to join several live sports events, including but not limited to automotive-related ones. If fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, together with five-star accommodation at famous hotels or chateaux, and driving along in the best sports cars is something on your bucket list then welcome to the Club!

In all our driving tours an experienced tour guide will look after you, making sure that your journey is safe and everything comes up to the highest standards.

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Listed in this section are answers to some of the most common questions about our tours. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to get in touch.

Who can join the travel club?

Everyone. There are no joining fees, or annual memberships. For most of our tours, driving programs or other related events everthing is included. We look after all the necessary bookings for hotels, restaurants, car rentals and all the routes planning for your own comfort.

Why is a minimum number of participants for a tour?

In order for a tour to take place, we have to secure an optimum number of participants, and on some occasions we can welcome two or more participants to the tour. However, if the number of participants is more than those initially booked this could cause difficulties at some venues due to limited parking or room availability.

Are the tour dates fixed or flexible?

For sports events, scheduled tours are obviously dependent on the fixed event dates. However, for private group tours you have the flexibility of choosing your own preferred dates.

Are we going to drive in convoy?

Yes! The greatest pleasure of any tour is to drive in convoy. We communicate with each other using Walkie-Talkies, though for safety reasons we do ask for your co-driver/guest to take control of communications during the drive. Hands-free devices are available for solo drivers.

How fast can we drive?

We will stay within the speed limit for each road we drive on, and as we drive in convoy a safe distance between cars will be recommended. Our tours are specially designed to offer you the best combination of winding roads and great scenery, avoiding the busier roads and city centres.

How many miles are covered in a tour?

Each tour has a different length and number of days. So that you don’t get tired behind the wheel, we aim to cover no more than 200 miles / 320 km a day, with a good number of rest breaks along the way.

Can accommodation be arranged outside the tour dates?

Indeed, we can make arrangements for you, your guest and your lovely car, both before you begin a tour and after you have completed it. We aim to be as helpful as we can, because several club members travel from far afield to take part in our tours.

Can I ask for a special meal or make other individual requests?

Of course you can! On our booking form is a special request section where you can tell us about any special requirements you may have during your tour. As long as you let us know before we make all the reservations, we will do our very best to accommodate all your special requests through our tour partners.

What is included in the price?

We usually indicate on every single tour page “What’s included” but please do email us before booking to make sure that you are happy with all the arrangements. For most of the tours everything is booked for you: accommodation at five star hotels, Michelin-starred meals (but not alcoholic drinks), entrance to all events, and rental of the sports car with fuel and parking throughout the entire tour.


Do you have any questions about our tours? Or perhaps you would like to learn more about the routes, accommodation or meals? You are more than welcome to get in touch by any options listed below, and we will be very happy to answer your enquire.

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