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Booking Terms

Before you go ahead with any bookings offered by us please get familiar with the terms.

Booking Agreement (Driving Tours)

All the driving tours, driving programs or other related motorsport events promoted on this website are operated by Sportplus Travel Club Ltd, a company incorporated in England and Wales, under the number 9439216, having its registered office at 51 Westbourne Terrace, London, W2 3UY, City of Westminster, United Kingdom.

We invite you to read our booking terms and conditions carefully before making any bookings.

By agreeing to book any of our packages you express your intention to join the respective driving tour, driving program or motorsport event and comply with the terms and conditions listed below. We will make sure that everything included in the respective package will be offered to you and your guest at the highest standard as advertised.


There are several ways to book with us: you can use the online booking system to reserve your place, you can give us a call, or just email us your details. Once you have sent us your details it will usually take up to 24 hours to send you an invoice that should be paid within 14 calendar days. We only accept bank transfer payments at the moment, though this is subject to change.


The prices of all our tours are stated in UK pounds sterling, GBP, and are not subject to VAT or any other taxes.

Every tour has a different price as advertised on the respective tour page. There are two different prices for single and shared reservations. However, apart from room occupancy, all venues are charged per number of guests and their price cannot be shared.

After making a reservation via the online booking system or other methods listed above, we will send you an invoice that should be paid within 14 days. Please note that your place will be reserved only when the invoice has been paid.

Additional taxes

We ensure that all the taxes required for accommodation or other services are paid in advance, and these are included in the total tour package price. If you wish to give tips during your stay, please do so at your own discretion; however, this is not essential as everything is paid for in advance.

Not included

While staying at different accommodation offered by us via our partners, room telephone calls are not included, nor any other services such as room service or laundry. Alcoholic drinks are not included; where specified in the tour package, some events do offer free cocktails or champagne, but please ask your tour guide if in doubt.


All our guests are provided with luxury accommodation throughout the duration of the tour. Our team have hand-picked the best hotels available for our selected routes, where most of the time you will enjoy a five-star experience; on other occasions, due to lack of availability in some locations, four-star accommodation will be offered.


Hired Vehicle

In all our driving tours a rental car is provided for your transportation and participation for the duration of the tour. Before you set off on the road a vehicle hire agreement must be signed with our third party supplier. All our bookings are based on two paid guests sharing a car, a single person booking only entitles you for a single room occupancy but not the car as well. If you choose to be the sole driver, the full price of the vehicle hire must be paid by you.

All the participants joining any of our driving tours must produce a valid driving licence and a passport, together with a valid credit card at the start of the tour. Remember all the Highway Code rules and regulations are the driver’s responsibility. Participating in any of our tours doesn’t change any of the rules of the road that you will be driving on.

All the hired vehicles are covered by full comprehensive insurance, and the fuel is included in the tour price package. In the case of any damage, there is an excess amount to be paid, this varies for different car models and it will be explained to you before you sign the vehicle hire agreement.

Attention, in the case of gross negligence, the tour operator together with the car hire company shall be entitled to assert claims against the participant at a level commensurate with the severity of the fault, up to the amount of the total damage.

Own Vehicle

We allow sports car owners to drive their own vehicles in most of our tours. However please ask for further details before you make any bookings. You can send us an email at or call us on: .

If you decide to drive your own car please make sure that your car is insured appropriately for you and for your guest, if both of you are going to drive during the tour. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that all road documents, including insurance, road tax, and MOT, are current and valid for the period of the tour. And remember, all the Highway Code rules and regulations are the driver's responsibility. Participating in any of our tours doesn't change any of the rules of the road that you will be driving on.

If your car breaks down after you have booked a tour with us, please let us know as soon as possible in order to make additional arrangements for the respective tour. If you like to go ahead with the tour, we can offer you the possibility of hiring a car from one of our partners.

Meals & refreshments

Throughout the entire tour meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided in the tour package. For lunch and dinner, we have organised and carefully selected the best restaurants available on our routes. Where we mention a Michelin-starred restaurant, the highest standard has been offered to give you the best experience for the tour. Please note that alcohol is not served during the day, and is charged separately by each respective venue. Your tour guide will offer you a bottle of still water each day of the tour, so you don’t have to worry about stopping every time you feel thirsty.

Breaks & sightseeing

As we drive in convoy with other participants, normal rest breaks will take place, for swapping the driver-seat, fuel and refreshments, or for a brief legs stretching while visiting a City Centre or other attractions on the tour route.


We offer a convoy-guided tour using a pair of Walkie-Talkie handheld devices on all our tours. Please note that for safety reasons we ask for your co-driver/guest to take control of communications during the drive. Your tour guide will hand over a radio device and give you some basic instructions on how to use it at the beginning of the day; please look after it as you will need to return it at the end of the day or tour.

Travel Insurance

Please make sure that you are covered in case of a tour cancellation. If you would like us to arrange this for you please ask, as we are happy to help you and speak with one of our partners dealing with this service.

Special requests

We will do our best to accommodate any requests that you may have during our tours. If you require special food or have any allergies, please let us know, so that we can make arrangements with our partners before the tour.

Cancellations & refunds

You may cancel your reservation and receive a full refund if you indicate your intention to do so at least 90 days before the start of the tour. If a refund is made to an overseas account, the necessary fees for the transfer will be debited from the total amount. UK bank accounts do not incur any transfer fees.

Please note that, due to the several agreements with our tour partners such as hotels, event organisers and restaurants, short-notice cancellations are subject to a non-refundable deposit, as we have to pay in advance for your place.

Itinerary Changes

All our tour itineraries are subject to change. If a venue becomes unavailable due to unforeseen events, or our number of participants requires larger accommodation, we will need to book a different venue. However, we will let you know well in advance about any changes to the initial tour programme. In all the replacement venues we will aim to offer a similar standard to that of the initial venue without incurring any additional charge on your side.

Tour liability

We do not assume any liability for injuries, damage, loss, accident or delay caused by you or other participants: everyone is responsible for their own actions during the entire tour period.
Our responsibility lies with organising the routes, arranging appropriate overnight accommodation, restaurant bookings and related events which are part of each tour, either as advertised in the tour programme or replacement venues in case of change.

We are not liable for any delay caused by third party events such as weather, traffic jams or congestion, road closures due to road works or other incidents. However, we will take appropriate action before the tour to check that all our routes are clear of these problems. If one of our routes becomes unavailable at the time of our drive we will try to use an alternative route in order to avoid any delays to our journey.

If the tour guide gives you an instruction via the Walkie-Talkie that you consider unsuitable or unsafe for the road, please express your doubt about it, as the Highway Code laws come first. However, for most of the time please respect your guide's instructions and respect your fellow-participants while driving in convoy. Please do not drive too close to each other at high speeds, do not overtake other participants without prior consent, keep a safe distance, do not drive aggressively or intimidate other road users, as our travel club aims to promote a good example to other road users. If you do not follow these guidelines you may receive a warning from your tour guide, and if you continue to do so against his advice you may be asked to leave the tour without refund or compensation. Furthermore you may be held liable for disturbing other participants or road users in a Court of Law under the English laws.

Each participant waives any claim against our company or its representatives or agents for any damage to or loss of property, or any injury to or death of any person due to any act taken or omission caused by any person providing any of the services or accommodation referred to here. Payment shall constitute evidence of each participant’s understanding of and consent to each of the terms and conditions set out in this document.

Because the content of this document sets out the terms of certain contractual obligations to which you will be legally bound, upon payment of any deposit made to secure your reservation on a tour being coordinated by us, it is your responsibility to read its provisions thoroughly and to ask questions with regard to any portion that you do not understand prior to making any payment. Sportplus Travel Club Ltd is the final authority on the interpretation of these tour conditions.

Data protection

We take very rigorous care of your personal data. We do not store your personal details anywhere online, or on a public/shared database domain. We store your booking reservation details on a secure machine that is password protected and is not connected to a public Internet or shared with anybody else in a corporate network. Any data provided will be used in accordance with data protection regulations for the sole purposes of contract handling, customer management, market research and opinion polls as well as for proprietary promotional campaigns in conjunction with the Sportplus Travel Club Ltd regulations.

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